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My philosophy

Science based evidence is the best way (and should be the only) of creating training and nutrition programs tailored to the clients specific needs. Evidence and research is done within every single one of my packages, regardless if it is for one of my E-Books or for an adjustment or creation of a clients program. Science helps me as a coach know what really works and what is just a 'fad' that has no main purpose behind it. I want my clients to create life long results during their journey with me, the program that I create and have them follow, are effective to reaching their goal. The human body is such an amazing temple that shouldn't be played around with, there should always be a purpose behind what I do for my client, regardless if it is the timing of their meals or the load and rep/set range during a training session. 

My goal as a coach has always been life long results that are sustainable, I am not going to put you on 90 minutes of cardio or eating 600kcal because even if you see results 'quick' you won't be sustaining the results that you create. I want you to learn, I want you to be happy, I want you to be confident and I want to insure you have the tools to succeed regardless of the circumstance that you may come across. A motto I believe in is fuelling your body for success!

I want my clients to enjoy the process, I want them to have fun with the journey. I want them to feel supported and educated. I want them to feel like they are cared about. 

Mental health and a healthy relationship with food/training is what I pride my coaching in. When I work with a client it is about creating the foundations and tools to help their outlook on health and fitness. I want every client to find the passion and love for becoming healthier. I don't want them to feel like its a chore, Team Kzeefitness is about freedom with health and fitness. 

A lot of 'online coaches' sadly don't care about health or long term results, they care about what 'transformation' is going to look the best on their IG page. Its sad to hear, but true. So many individuals also don't have the previous education to make it acceptable to work with an individuals body, so by saying that. Regardless who you have as a PFT/Coach do your research and ask your questions, ask about their mottos, why and how they are going to help you and what makes them different from the rest. 

I am looking for clients who are motivated to accomplish their goals. It doesn't matter their previous history in the fitness industry. Beginner or advanced I just want to work with individuals who are ready to put their health and goals first. I not only give my clients the education and tools they deserve but I also provide, support, accountability and the check ins for success. 

A lot of the time I get asked "why 6 months", my reasoning- 6 months gives more then enough time to create life long habits and allow for trial for success in a journey, it gives us time to find what works for YOU and your journey. It allows time to get you a plan that you will be able to utilize past us working together. I tell all my clients, this isn't about quick weight loss. This is about life long weight loss success.

I can not wait to work with you!

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