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In-person training with team KZF!
Apply below!
Meet coach Kzee

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I am currently accepting ONE in-person client who is located in Edmonton, Sherwood Park or surrounding areas. Photos of the facility are below. 

Open times:  Please contact for details.

If you aren't local then take a lookout my online coaching packages to help you accomplish your health and fitness related goals. 


Spots are very limited for online coaching (and can be more affordable than in person).

I specialize in working with clients who are looking for extreme and lifestyle weight loss, body recomposition, powerlifting (to gain overall strength or compete in a meet) and disordered eating clients. 

If you are local- I will handle you at your meet for $70/day + tax (3 lift) , bench only $40/day.

If you are not local and would like me to handle you at your meet, I ask that accommodations are paid for (flight+ hotel), plus the meet day fee.

***If you are interested in working together to accomplish your goals in a fun, motivating, inspiring and judgement free environment where everything is customized to you and the workouts are constantly changing, then send me a message below to book a consult!*** 

Feel safe: COVID has changed the way we look at working out and training. ) I will be accepting new in-person clients out of my garage gym. 

What makes this different then a regular gym? You don't need to stress about coming in contact with anyone else. During our session you will have full access to the garage gym. I will program your sessions to accomplish your goals that you've set out in our consult (included in the gym is a power rack, 2 barbells, deadlift platform, incline/flat bench, trap bar deadlift, (SSB bar on it's way), hip thruster pad, landmine, belt squat attatchment, fully equipped smith machine and pulley system, dumbbells, kettlebells, leg press, leg curl, quad extension, hack squat, back extension, bands, battle ropes, mats, stationary bike etc).

This isn't a poorly put together 'garage gym' this was made to mimic the feeling of a real gym without the contact of others (aside from the trainer).


You get what you pay for.

Sessions out of my gym are $85/session and cheaper with packages (1-3x a week). 

Not to mention... there is NO drop in fee at Assassin Strength (garage gym).

Get healthy, feel safe and change your life!


I train clients Monday - Friday and Sunday. 7am-7:30pm. 


(All prices are in CAD currency)

- Initial consult- $65

- Hybrid (consult + session)- $85

- 1 hour sessions- $105/hr (no minimum)

Please note, all clients who join must do 1x/wk- 4x/m @$85/session, more sessions equals a cheaper price per session. Please reach out for these discounted rates!

Minimum 4 month commitment. 

Add ons: 

- Additional programming- $50/hr (usually 1.5hr-2/m)

- Nutrition coaching- $130 a month for current in person clients (Adjustments included)

- *Hypervice Deep Tissue Massage Gun Service (for current clients)* - FIRST SESSION IS FREE / $15 for 10 minutes or $18 for 15 minutes

Buy 10 (10 minute) sessions for $140.00 (save $10.00)

Buy 20 (10 minute) sessions for $275.00 (save $25.00)

*When multiple sessions are bought the price per session goes down* 

Students ( Jr.High to Post Secondary) and seniors (60+) receive 5% off all programming and packages! 

I train all my clients out of joy 100% private facility.

Mobile training for seniors: 

Are you or someone you know over the age of 60? Are you looking to prolong your life while increasing your happiness, strength and longevity? If you said yes then this is the perfect package for you. You don't need any fancy equipment and you don't need any requirements to start. All you need is a body and the want to better yourself.

Price per 30 minutes - $40 + drive time

Please note additional price charge for mobile training: 

10-15m drive-  $10.00

16-30m drive- $15.00

31-45m drive- $25.00

(per session)

I accept cash, E-transfer and Credit Cards (in person).



New coach with assassin strength-2.png

Meet Coach Caylie

Caylie is a new trainer at KZF, she will be operating out of the same studio that I do. Caylie is an outstanding, hard working and passionate coach who I have had the pleasure to mentor. Caylie has a background in strength and athletics and loves working with all genders!

Caylie prices are as follows: 

​1 session - $65 
1x a week - $240/m + tax ($60 a session, save $20 a month) 
2x a week- $465/m + tax ($58 a session, save $55 a month)
3x a week- Not available right now.

Please note Caylie is available Saturdays - all day and Mondays before 8am or after 1pm.
Caylie loves working with everybody, male, female, all goals but she especially enjoys working with clients to improve their strength and confidence. If you are interested in working with Caylie, send us a message below!

Check out our fully private facility! 


Thanks! Message sent.

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