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"Building and repairing bodies through customized nutrition and training since 2016"
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-100lb Weight Loss/ IPF Worlds Qualified Powerlifter
-Online + In Person(YEG) Coach For Training & Nutrition 

-Specializing In Weight Loss, Transformation, Disordered Eating And Strength Clients!


6 months from now you will wish you started TODAY!

Aspiring to inspire the world, ONE PERSON AT A TIME.
- Kiersten

CEO of Kzeefitness Coaching and Assassin Strength YEG
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Custom nutrition programs are created to help you accomplish your fitness/performance related goals. Kzeefitness INC creates your nutrition program based off of an in-depth questionnaire that directly relates to your history, goals, likes and dislikes. Every program gets adjusted as I collect data on how your body responds to different program modifications. 


All training programs are created to the individuals body type, goals and history. I focus on creating realistic programs that you can follow regardless of your lifestyle. When creating customized programs I look at what will help you in the moment and what will help you long term. In addition, I offer a variety of exercises, stretching and mobility routines when needed.

Mental Health

Embarking on a fitness journey is never easy, taking that initial step takes a lot from you (mentally). I want you to know how proud I am. It is my goal to be there for my clients through the thick and the thin. You will never be left to go through something on your own. I want you to know how important your physical and mental health is to me when you join the team.

Hands On Approach

No matter where in the world you are, you will have the support needed to succeed! You will have my guidance and you will gain education on topics that you never thought was possible! My goal is to be there for you, I know online coaches can be "distant" but that does NOT happen at Kzeefitness Coaching, you will get what you need the most on YOUR journey! I will always be available for you. I KNOW what the journey is like!

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What makes Bodied By Kzee Coaching Different???
Weight loss, Disordered Eating & Strength Specialist 
Over 2,700 members on their fitness journey ... join TODAY

I can relate I know what its like to be overweight, I know what its like to not feel confident, I know what its like to be tiny and work to put on muscle mass, I know what its like to start lifting with the bar and now getting myself to an elite level in the IPF. I know what its like to not be happy with the body you are in. I know what its like to feel like no one understands you. Ive been there and now it is my goal to insure I help others never feel the way they did when first signing up with me.


  I care for every single one of my clients. Their history, struggles, goals and triumphs are things that make them who they are today.  Everyone is different, no two people respond to training and meal plans the same. My motto is " growth always in all ways", you will not be investing your money into another 'crappy online coach' in fact you will be investing your money into your health and fitness with someone who (is certified) and cares about YOU, there is no BS when you join the kzeefitfam! Please note; you get what you pay for, my prices may be a little higher than Bob down the street but my packages are superior to other online coaching options.

I can promise, there isn't going to be someone you don't know providing you plans. Every step of your journey you will have me by your side (Kiersten). I will respond to every email, every text, I will do ALL of your adjustments and I will keep track of all of the progress that you have made. It is important that my clients feel safe and cared for. Therefor I am the only person who deals with your program, photos, measurements etc. 

Real techniques that work, my experience has allowed for hours of research, education, trial + error and working with approaches that are proven to provide my clients with the results that they are looking for through science. Unlike other 'online coaches' I take ethical approaches to working with each client, individually.  

The kzeefitfam is a community that embraces all body types and fitness levels, join a family that truly cares and supports you for YOU! 

Invest in the best version of yourself today. 


CFP-PFT Certified

AED,CPR & First Aid Certified 

Diploma in Personal Fitness Training

NASAM-CES : Corrective Exercise Specialist 

ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist

Welcome to Kzeefitness Coaching ( one of the highest quality online coaching services that are available on the market .

Every client that joins the team will receive unlimited support, guidance, education, form corrections, program changes (within needs, usually done every 1-2 weeks for training and every 2-3 weeks for nutrition) and 24/7 coaching help via email/text. My packages are known to be extremely interactive providing my clients with the accountability needed for success. Head to my "client testimonies" tab to see what clients have to say!

Every package developed is 100% customized to the individual based off of the in depth questionnaire and scientific evidence and research to optimize results.
I am here to LISTEN, Educate, Help and Push you on your journey 
Don't wait any longer, join a community that wants to see you grow and succeed! 
Please read terms and conditions, when signing up you are agreeing that you have read and understand fully. 
*Please note- Prices are in USD for all online coaching packages*
* NO refunds will be provided after sign up has occurred. Please ask any questions you have before hand. 
 - As a client part of your job is communication, fail to communicate or fail to provide self assessment more then 5x in a row will result in minimized check in/communication on my end.-
TWO spots for online clients available! 


(Unlimited) Customized Extreme Transformation Package 2.0

**Most Popular Package**

2.0 has been completely updated, meaning that the template and stages to accomplishing your own customized goals are created for the fastest and most long term results possible.

This 6 month program is perfect for anyone looking at transforming their physique specialize in Weight Loss, Extreme Transformations and Body Recomposition. This package requires commitment to accomplishing your goals, I want you to create habits and change your life! I take on all levels and client goals, regardless if this is the beginning of your fitness journey, or a continuation in a new chapter... I am here for you!


This package will include customized nutrition, training, supplement recommendations and cardio protocol if necessary. Following along with unlimited check ins, a progress tracker and adjustments based on the self assessment/check ins. 


Phone calls have been included once a month within this package to enhance your online coaching experience, it is your job to reach out to schedule your slot for your phone call!

Click the PDF below to see what is included! 


Email- with Q's

Payments below are monthly (taken out on the same day every month)

6-8 Business days for complete plan- Please check your email once purchased for your questionnaire

(Payments continue unless told otherwise, must give 5 weeks notice to cancel) 

Monthly Payment Option- $230/M 

Bi-Weekly Payment Option- $115 bi-weekly 

(Unlimited) Extreme Strength Programming/ Meet Prep

Gain incredible strength for yourself, or prep for a powerlifting competition with the best package in the game. Focus on incredible strength gains both mentally and physically. Become prepared to lift and hit incredible PR's while finding the love and passion that is needed to excel within the sport. Create a positive outlook and mindset on your body and powerlifting, step over mental barrier of pushing past your limits and find what your body is capable of with the right training, nutriton and mindset.. 

This monthly package will include extremely interactive online coaching. You will receive customized training, nutrition, supplement and cardio split if needed. You will receive monthly Skype calls to review progress and goals while receiving customized adjustments as deemed necessary. 

You will also be provided with unlimited form corrections and are asked to send in videos 1x a week of all the three main lifts. 




Monthly Payment Option- $230/M 

Bi-Weekly Payment Option- $115/ bi-weekly 

Transform With Your Weak Point Package

Do you only struggle with either eating OR your training program, but not both. If so then this is the package for you.


I give you the chance to 'pick your poison' which will give you the opportunity to become successful at your weakness. You'll gain education, knowledge, support and results.


I will guide you every step of the way throughout your journey, we are in this together. 

I want you to be happy with the decision you've made, so its in your hands on if you want to focus on a customized training program or meal plan!


Everything that is included is listed within the extreme transformation package, but remember you can only pick one... so chose wisely ;) 

    (Payments continue unless told otherwise, must give 5 weeks notice to cancel)

Monthly Payment Option- $175/m 

Recovery & Growth- Nutrition Emphasis 

Sadly in today's society we find ourselves comparing what we look like to other women, we find ourself trying fad diets and drinking skinny teas. We work with un educated coaches who end up creating disordered eating habits and fixation upon calories/food types etc. Do not get me wrong, yes you need to be aware but the most important thing is you need to be understanding your body, it's needs and its cues. This package is extremely interactive which is why it's price point is where it is at. I focus on working with my clients to get them to a point where they are seeing success on their journeys, long term. Creating overall success, happiness and control. Please note, I do not work with clients who are diagnosed with Bulimia and/or anorexia. I primarily work with clients who are looking to lose weight and deal with being overweight or obese and find themselves struggling to create a strong and healthy mindset, routine and habit. 

What is included: 

- Weekly phone call check ins

- Bi weekly progress analysis 

- Adjustments based on check ins and progress

- 10 Step process to recover and growth, focusing on developing healthy habits and a strong mental outlook on nutrition. 

- Supplementation analysis and recommendations based on blood work (recommend to get when starting coaching)

- Meal routine and structure

- 24/7 text access 

- Support, guidance and education 

- 6 month program with milestones set in place


The Mission