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Are you lazy???

If you read this title you're most likely thinking if you are lazy or not. I mean, what does lazy even mean, what is the actual definition and how the hell do you become more productive.

Definition of lazy: 'unwilling to work or use energy.'

I used to be lazy, hell, I was more lazy then the definition itself. When I was heavier I hated doing anything that required energy, I would fake injuries in school just so I didn't have to join in gym class. My teacher literally hated me. LOL. It was years and years of constantly making up lies to prevent physical activity. I thought nothing of it, I didn't think I was heavy, unhealthy or lazy. I just thought that physical activity wasn't my thing.

As I got older and more mature and realized how my body was growing (not in a good way) I realized that I wasn't healthy. Walking up stairs would be my worst nightmare and it would completely take my breathe away. It wasn't till one day when a light switched and I finally realized my lifestyle needed to change. I didn't have a want to be lazy anymore, actually the complete opposite, I wanted to move around and see how my body would adjust to some physical activity and damn, that was the best decision I could have ever made.

I SLOWLY started to lose weight, my body started to change and I started to think more clearly. My mind wasn't always on food or what I am going to eat next or what show I am going to binge watch for the third time. It was how I could improve myself to become better, how I could move around more and change the definition of lazy in my life.

Now let me give you some tips, if you're lazy like I was, that's okay. Realize that you can and will change to improve your lifestyle. It will take time, trial and error but it will happen. The first thing that you need to do is want it. You need to want it more then you want to breathe and then you will succeed. I wish I could say it will be easy but it isn't and like I said it will take time but all it takes is you to get up and move, walk for 5 minutes, don't worry about doing 30 minutes of exercise, instead look at the fact that you moved and every minute counts. Start off slow, this is all you.

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