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Do you really want it?

This is something that I ask all of my clients when I work with them. Not exactly like the title says but in the same context. I want to know if they really want it.

If I want to do something... I need to dig deep inside and ask myself, if I really want what I am dreaming about or is it just a phase. Now, its funny... because my little sister said today "Kiersten says something and she just does it" and that rang true, because when I look back at it, the truth is I really do what I say when I really want it.

Example, bodybuilding, I always said I wanted to compete in a figure show but I never did it, so it begs the question. Did I ever really want it? Reflecting back, I didnt. It was a phase, it wasn't real, yeah, I half assed nutrition, I half assed tracking, I half assed training because I didn't REALLY want it.

Now im a Powerlifter, I want this shit more then I want to breathe, I want to be the best. I will be the best, period end of story. This chapter for me was about making moves and being real with myself, finding a passion that ignited my fire deep inside and working towards bettering myself. Lifting heavy ass weight empowers me, it makes me feel like I am a superhero, no seriously, a damn superhero. Try it some day, go out of your comfort zone and f*cking crush it!

I want you to know that you can accomplish ANYTHING that you dream about, but don't start things half way and then end it before you finish it. Go into that new endeavour with the mindset that you are going to KILL IT! And don't stop until its done.

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