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Supplements- Do you need them?

A lot of the time my clients will ask me "Kiersten, what supplements do I need to take for weight loss" and I always ensure to correct them first before stating the facts. To start, you do not need to take supplements for weight loss and a lot of supplements don't provide success in actual fat loss. Most of the supplements that I prescribe weight loss clients are CLA 1250 and BCAAS. The basics first and you don't need the fancy $50 jars either... trust me. A lot of supplements are marketing and god... they do such a good job. I have been suckered into 'fat loss' products that are 'revolutionary' and 'amazing' because, well, it sounds nice and obviously too good to be true. I also like to buy into these supplements to see if they actually work or if I feel the company is trying to take my money and run. The basis to fat loss is how your nutrition and training regime is set up, if you don't have a solid foundation don't even think that supplements are going to help you because the truth is, they won't.

A lot of supplements are mentality, this primarily correlates to pre-workouts. Once you've been taking PW for a while you start to rely on it, thinking you won't be able to get a successful workout without it. It can even be more difficult trying to cycle off of it because you can become so dependant on it. I never recommend PW to my new clients who don't have experience with nutrition or training because PW is a luxury made for the days when you need to get in the zone. A cheaper alternative is caffeine, yes, a cold or warm cup of coffee is sure to be the fix you need 30 minutes prior to your training session.

Like I've said before in this article, supplements aren't needed to accomplish your goals, they are created to help aid in the process through the foundation that you work off of.



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