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Self love matters

Im sitting here thinking about social media, and how taxing it can become on an individual not only physically but emotionally as well. Social media at one point in time was meant to be positive, but over the year it has turned into a tool for hatred and comparison of others. The fitness industry is renown for this, everything is photoshopped, fake or over done. Not only myself, but many females struggle to find a place where they fit in. When I created my instagram @kzeefitness I wanted it to be a place I could share my journey, experience and goals. I want it to be a place where females have an attainable goal. Im not on steroids, I don't photoshop my stuff, I eat normal, I workout regularly and my body is attainable. Ive gotten to a point where the 'explore' page on instagram continually makes me feel like crap about my body, I decided to take a 3 day IG cleanse, where I focus on myself, goals and body. I suggest that you do the same, im only 1/2 a day in but I feel good, I feel accomplished and I feel whole.

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